With the German CRO joining the European group, Kymos will strengthen its activity in the biologics and advanced therapies market and broaden its services portfolio while offering three local sites in Europe

Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany, September 28, 2020Kymos S.L. and Prolytic GmbH announce today the completion of a successful strategic merger to integrate Prolytic into the Kymos Group to offer added value services to biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, with a truly pan-European solution in a rapidly-changing business environment.

The combination of expertise will allow the companies to broaden their portfolio into a unique selection of services for innovative small and large molecules, generics, biosimilars, antibodies, biomarkers, ADA (anti-drug antibodies), ADC (antibody-drug conjugates), hormones, enzymes and nucleic acids. They will also intensify their activity in the advanced therapies market. Interest in recombinant proteins and in advanced cell and gene therapies is currently booming in Europe and worldwide. Prolytic has gained expertise in mRNA technologies, which are used in some of the most advanced Covid-19 vaccines being developed in Europe.

The two companies, together with Pharmaprogress, a Kymos Group affiliate in Italy, share a commitment to quality and a dedication to innovation. While customers will have access to an increased range of GMP/GLP-certified and GCP-compliant services, they will still obtain a tailor-made, personalized, genuinely flexible service not seen in any other CRO of its size. Kymos and Prolytic have a multidisciplinary understanding of the full pharmaceutical development and manufacturing process, from development and clinical phases to final approval and post-marketing studies, providing logistic security and reliability. The merger will result in an improvement in the ability of the company to react even faster to the specific needs of its global customers.

“Today’s market wants full-service providers and one-stop-solutions. With this merger we will be able to think globally and act locally, providing our clients with a reliable, trustworthy and much-improved service,” said Dr. Dorothee Krone, managing director at Prolytic. “Small and mid-sized companies feel comfortable working with us. Kymos can help us cover the whole life science cycle and we can now offer a much more diverse range of services than we have ever been able to in the past.”

“The knowledge that Prolytic has regarding DNA and RNA is a key scientific element of the advanced therapies services market that Kymos is entering,” said Mr. Joan Puig de Dou, CEO at Kymos. “The merger gives us the opportunity to increase our service offering, strengthen the emerging therapies market and create a multinational and multidisciplinary company. We are very much looking forward to this new phase in the company’s history.”

With this merger, Kymos now has three sites in Europe: in Barcelona (Spain), Ancona (Italy) and Frankfurt (Germany). The Italian site is the result of the 2016 merger with Pharmaprogress SRL. Under the agreement, the company names will remain unchanged. At Prolytic’s German site, the current management will remain in place, while staff numbers will increase. An investment plan will be put into place to acquire state-of-the-art equipment.

After strengthening its already prominent presence in the EU, the European group will aim to expand into the Asia-Pacific region, whilst opening up promising new therapeutic areas.

About Prolytic

Prolytic GmbH is an expert in bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics with specialized contract research capabilities in bioanalysis and pharmacokinetic evaluations under GLP and GCP.
It provides a range of sophisticated services in development and validation of analytical methods for the analysis and quantification of small molecules, proteins, antibodies & antigens, ADAs (anti-drug antibodies), biomarkers & biosimilars and intact enzyme as well as sample analysis for pre-clinical and clinical studies. Prolytic can undertake qualitative or quantitative drug and metabolite analyses in blood, plasma, urine, tissue or other biological matrices. Furthermore, it can also conduct compartmental and non-compartmental pharmacokinetic evaluations. As an innovator, Prolytic is a leader in state-funded research cooperation projects in the field of RNA biomarker development and advanced therapies.
Created in 2002 and based in Frankfurt, Prolytic has 17 staff and 1,000 square meters of top-of-the-art instrumentation.


About Kymos
Kymos S.L. is a world-leader and one of the top ten global vendors of biosimilar testing services with years of experience in biologics, small molecules and all-encompassing services in both CMC and bioanalysis. A GLP/GMP-certified, GCP-compliant, EMA and FDA-inspected European contract laboratory organization specializing in bioanalysis and CMC, Kymos provides full bioequivalence studies, including biowavers for topical DP, small & large molecule bioanalytics, ADA, batch release testing for preclinical & clinical trials in Europe. Kymos also offers CMC services for method development, characterization, biosimilars comparability plus years of experience with biopharma clients worldwide.
Created in 2001 and headquartered in Barcelona, Kymos has 110 staff and 3,000m2 worth of facilities, with top-of-the-line instruments. The Italian affiliate has an additional 20 staff and around 1,000m2 of facilities. The joint turnover of the three companies is expected to exceed €13M ($15.1M) in 2020.