The Kymos Group is an European CRO made up of three sites with 14 laboratory departments, 170 highly trained experts and 5,000 m2 worth of facilities and top-of-the-line instruments. Our GMP/GLP-certified bioanalytical and CMC services are carried out by the following laboratory teams:

  • Analytical Development and Validation
  • Bioanalysis of Small Molecules (aka Mass Spec and Permeation)
  • Bioanalysis of Large Molecules (aka Immunology)
  • Bioanalysis of Oligonucleotides
  • Quality Control of Small Molecules
  • Quality Control of Large Molecules (aka Biopharmaceutical testing)
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Microbiology
  • Stabilities
  • Quality Assurance

In addition to our main laboratories, we are equipped with adjacent facilities for weighting, sample preparation and processing; a combined 100m3 of SCADA-monitored sample storage chambers under all ICH climatic conditions including standard and IVb zones, back-up room, refrigerated conditions, -20ºC freezers and -80ºC ultra-freezers; a microbiology cleanroom for aseptic testing and sample preparation; a containment room for work under O.E.L. Category 4 with high-potency drugs such as hormones, antibiotics or cytotoxins; a radioactivity laboratory to work with Iodine-125; purified water and technical-gas plants; emergency power generators; a fireproof data center for communication and software servers, data storage and back-up systems; as well as offices, meeting rooms, cafeteria and general facilities.


Prolytic Germany


Kymos Barcelona


Our Equipment

Mass spectrometry

  • AB SCIEX LC-MS/MS API 3.200 (1), 4.000 (6), 5.500 Qtrap (2), 6.500 Plus (2) and 6.500 Plus QTRAP (1)
  • Qtof Xevo G2-S with BiopharmaLynx and MaxEnt mass spectrometer
  • ICP/MS Agilent 7.700 and 7.800 (2) and digestion system Milestone Ultrawave (2)
  • LC-MS/MS Infinity with MS 6491 Agilent (2)
  • GC-MS Agilent
  • Orbitrap Exploris™ 120 Mass Spectrometer

Liquid chromatography

  • HPLC Alliance Waters and Agilent 1100, 1200, 1260 (38 units) coupled to UV diode array, fluorescence, refraction index, electrochemical, amperometry, light scattering, CAD and mass detector QDa.
  • UHPLC (8): Agilent 1290 and Waters Acquity
  • Agilent Gas chromatography (6) coupled to head-space injection system, with FID/ECD detection
  • Agilent atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Mercury analyzer DMA-80 Milestone
  • UV-visible spectrophotometer (diode array)
  • FTIR Cary 630 Agilent


  • WIZARD gamma counter for RIA assays
  • SpectraMax M3/M5 microplate ELISA reader (2)
  • Biotek Epoch / Synergy microplate ELISA reader (2)
  • MESO QuickPlex SQ 120 Meso Scale Discovery for ECLA
  • Guava easyCyte flow cytometer for cell assays
  • Pharmacia PhastSystem high speed electrophoresis
  • Multhiphore II electrophoresis system GE (2)
  • GS-900 calibrated densitometer for electrophoresis
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer chip electrophoresis
  • Solo VPE UV-visible  spectrophotometer
  • Agilent capillary electrophoresis with LIF detection
  • Beckman PA800S Plus capillary electrophoresis (2)
  • Protein Simple Image isoelectric focusing iCE3
  • QuantStudio 7 Flex real time qPCR
  • King Fisher Flex benchtop sample prep. instrument
  • Cell laboratory fully equipped (2)

Special Lab Instruments

  • Franz cells Crown Glass V-Series manual (1 instruments, 9 cells)
  • Franz cells Phoenix RDS automatic (2 instruments, 12 cells each)
  • Climatic chambers for ICH stability studies and photostability chamber
  • Dissolution test (8), disintegrating test and friability test
  • Particle size Malver Mastersizer 3000
    Cascade impactor for OINDP (Andersen and NGI)
  • Viscosimeter, polarimeter, Karl Fischer (volumetric and coulometric), melting point, osmometer (2)
  • Subvisible particles Pamas (2)
  • TOC analyzer
  • Microbiology laboratory fully equipped
  • Isolator (for sterility testing)
  • Zwick Roel universal testing machines (syringes and autoinjectors)

Other available Instruments

  • Maldi TOF
  • NMR systems
  • SPR (Biacore T200)
  • Circular Dicroism
  • Protein sequencer (Edman degradation)

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