In recent months, we unfortunately had to turn down repeated requests for dissolution tests for which we would have needed the Dissolution USP 4 CE 7smart device. This was neither satisfactory for our customers nor for us. We have taken this situation seriously and ated accordingly:

A brand-new Dissolution USP 4 CE 7smart device will be ready for use from 01 June 2022.

Our Department for Method Development and Validation, led by Rosa Latorre, PhD, will be able to test virtually all dosage forms:

  • APIs, powders, granules,
  • Semi-solids, gels, creams
  • Microspheres, nano-suspensions,
  • Soft gelatin capsules, suppositories
  • Medical devices, stents, implants, coated lenses, dialysis insert
  • Capsules, pellets
  • Injectable suspensions
  • Ophthalmic lenses
  • Transdermal patches
Dissolution testing for all dosage forms

The flow-through cell method allows us to see differences in formulations that dissolution apparatus 1 and 2 simply do not show. This technique is also widely recommended for poorly soluble, modified / extended release, and low dose products.

Whether you need API screening and characterization, R&D feasibility or QC routine analysis and stability studies (GMP), Rosa Latorre’s team is there to assist you.

Please contact our team for more information or a quote at