KYMOS is proud to announce that Dr Carles Celma, our Scientific Director, will be speaking at the Biosimilars and Biologics Congress in Rome on October 17-19.

Dr Celma is an expert in biologics and an industry-recognized key opinion leader. His dedication to biologics can be traced back to his early work at Ipsen on peptide chemistry, mass spectrometry and immunology, which culminated in his present proficiency on Bioanalysis and Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) of biologics and biosimilars.

Since the approval of recombinant human insulin back in the early 1980s, biologics nowadays include a wide variety of molecules: Growth hormones, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)… all of them with their specific analytical requirements.

Dr Celma said: “My role at KYMOS not only allows me to tackle biopharmaceuticals with an interdisciplinary approach but also understand the biologics market from an international perspective.

“From the great European innovators to the fast-growing biosimilar manufacturers in South Korea, Singapore or China, we get to address their needs from comparability studies, PK characterization and immunogenicity assays to batch testing and release into the EU. Biologics development is challenging but that makes it exciting.” 

The Biosimilars and Biologics Congress in Rome will be a unique opportunity to hear about the latest trends in biologics research from global experts.

“Are traditional small molecule drugs being surpassed by biologic entities?” asks Dr Celma.

“Much work has been done on small molecules over the last decades, which makes it harder to discover new actives and modes of action. Biologics development is certainly not without its challenges (complex methodologies, more expensive and time consuming) but that also makes it exciting. Then again, those very difficulties make it more cost-efficient for pharmaceutical companies to outsource such activities to capable CROs like KYMOS,” he concludes.

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