The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed many aspects of our lives. However, the R&D of new pharmaceutical products for animal health cannot stop as many human diseases posing a threat have an animal origin. KYMOS and its partners have a unique insight into how the industry is adapting to speed up animal studies during these uncertain times.

KYMOS’s wide-ranging activities with innovators and commercial drug products help us understand the big picture of the clinical market, from preclinical to phase IV studies. Whereas many human clinical assays are being postponed or even cancelled due to reprioritizations, hospital limitations and other factors linked to the COVID-19 outbreak, preclinical and veterinary clinical studies are currently experiencing a noticeable increase.

KYMOS enjoys a long-term collaboration with reputable animal research partners who have much to say about this surge. Dr Toni Bermúdez is Test Facility Manager at ISOQUIMEN S.L., a preclinical CRO and laboratory animal breeder specialized in cats and dogs. He explains how they are coping with the increased demand:

“In contrast to the 2008 financial crisis, if the current COVID pandemic has taught us anything it is the need for boosting R&D: Preclinical studies are now perceived as a priority for innovative drug development.”

In addition to the renewed focus on preclinical research, ISOQUIMEN has also experienced a surge in requests for SPF & conventional dogs and cats from European firms which would usually have their animals sourced from U.S. breeders but now face restrictions on imports and transport, especially after the first reports of pets testing positive for COVID-19.

Oscar Ciervo, Founder and Head of the Experimental Department at CLINOBS S.L., also performs R&D animal studies, in this case with livestock models for veterinary drug products, animal health and nutrition.

“Even with the logistic challenges posed by COVID-19, CLINOBS is working at full capacity. In fact, the present circumstances make it unadvisable to go on the other side of the world for veterinary services, so we do not forecast any change in activity on the mid-term.”

The demand for CLINOBS’ preclinical and clinical services remains fairly constant for the simple reason that they deal with medicinal products for veterinary use: They are not as conditioned by COVID-19 to reassign resources and priorities as it has been the case for human clinical trials within the healthcare system.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 epidemic is having a considerable impact on human clinical assays, but at the same time it opens up new opportunities for preclinical assays with innovative human medicines and veterinary products for animal health. We at KYMOS will continue pairing up our bioanalytical and pharmacokinetics services with our alliance partners at CLINOBS and ISOQUIMEN in order to boost R&D to fight this and future emerging diseases.

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