In a significant step towards enhancing the field of gene therapy, Kymos has joined forces with the VIRAL VECTOR PRODUCTION UNIT—a collaboration between the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute. Together, we are embarking on a project to study and develop a state-of-the-art technological platform for gene therapy assays, focusing specifically on adeno-associated viruses (AAV).

Under the CDTI project identifier IDI-20230061, assigned to Kymos on January 27th, 2023, this collaboration seeks to accomplish two vital objectives. Firstly, it aims to develop the first-ever technological test platform to characterize and define the quality attributes of gene therapy drugs focused on adeno-associated viruses. Secondly, the project endeavors to introduce a comprehensive characterization and quality control service into the market, offered within a regulated and validated environment. By achieving these goals, the project intends to significantly reduce the development time required for new gene therapy drugs.

The strategic importance of this research has garnered support from the CARLOS III HEALTH INSTITUTE (ISCIII) and the CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGICAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT (CDTI), who have included it in the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation for Health of Vanguard—a significant component of the broader Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience plan, backed by NextGenerationEU funds. Finally, to also support this research, the project has secured funding through a grant TORRES QUEVEDO for contracts No. PTQ2021-012177 dated November 1st, 2022.