Upscaling in instruments leads to downscaling in limits of detection

Kymos celebrates the recent purchase of two new API-6500 plus instruments, the most sensitive in the market, to boost our bioanalytical capabilities for small molecules in our Frankfurt und Barcelona sites. Together with our third API-6500 coupled to an Agilent UHPLC, two high-sensitivity APIs 5500 connected to a Waters UPLC Acquity, six API-4000 and one API-3200 (all triple SCIEX quadrupoles) we are now capable to process more than 31,000 bioanalytical samples per month. In addition, we now have three Franz Cell instruments (two new Phoenix RDS) with a total capacity of 33 cells for in vitro percutaneous absorption tests of topical products. We at Kymos group take pride not only on accommodating technically challenging projects, but also large volumes.

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