Come to our workshop and learn more about impurity testing. Learn from firsthand experience. Our experts present real case studies from their daily work.


  1. The challenge of Impurities in Pharmaceuticals. Jaume Pascual – Quality Director
  2. Case studies: 

         2.1.    Elemental Impurities: Control strategy in routine analysis and regulatory news. Gemma Solsona – EA Manager

         2.2.    Leachables and Extractables: The challenge of untargeted impurities. Luca Gramaccioni – General Site Manager Pharmaprogress

         2.3.    Nitrosamines: The problem of API nitrosation and degradation products. Massimo Bartolacci – Department Manager Quality Control
                    & Mass Spectrometry)

  1. Impurities in Biologics. Carles Celma – Scientific Director


Farmaformun / Labforum, Madrid, Sala 2, 6th of Oct. 2022 – 15:30-17:30 – Free registration