Dr. Carles Celma

Carles Celma
  • Scientific Director at Kymos
  • Active in Drug research and development for over 30 years
  • Extensive experience in Mass Spectrometry
  • Expert in biologics and biosimilars
  • Wide experience in method development, validation and sample analysis using physicochemical, binding and cellular methods for regulated analysis

While working on his PhD at University, Carles Celma was responsible of the Mass Spectrometry Facility at the Chemistry Faculty.
He then started to work for Ipsen as Head of Mass Spectrometry in 1990 and left in 2012 as the Director of Bioanalysis. That year, Celma joined Kymos as Biologics Scientific Director.

Dr. Carles Celma has more than 40 communications to congresses and 10 publications in different international journals (see list of publications). In addition, he publishes regularly on Kymos’ webpage.

Celma graduated 1981 from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Organic Chemistry and acquired 1990 a PhD in Organic Chemistry.

Want to get to know him better?

Read about him on researchgate.

List of publications:

  1. Celma and E. Giralt, “Optimization of the Experimental Procedures in Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry of Peptides with a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer”, Biomed. Mass Spectrom., 1990, 19, 235‑239.
  2. Celma and E. Giralt, “Determination of the Enantiomeric Purity of Synthetic Peptides by Gas Chromatography‑Mass Spectrometry”, J. Chromatogr. Biomed. Applications, 1991, 562, 447‑458.
  3. “Convergent Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis IX: Application to the Synthesis of Peptides with Repetitive Sequences”, C. Celma, F. Albericio, E. Pedroso and E. Giralt., Peptide Research, 5, 62‑70, (1992).
  4. Celma, “Determination of the aza alkyl lysophospholipid 3-methoxy 2-N,N-methyloctadecyl amino propyloxy-phosphoryl choline in rat plasma by liquid chromatography particle beam mass spectrometry”, J. Chromatogr. Biomed. Applications, 1993, 622, 215-222.
  5. Celma, “Determination of the Platelet activating factor antagonist 6-(2-chlorophenyl)-9-[(4-methoxy phenyl)thio carbamoyl]-1- methyl-7,8,9,10-tetra hydro-4H-pyrido [4′,3′- 4,5] – Thieno [3,2-f][1,2,4,]triazolo [4,3-a][1,4] diazepine in human plasma by liquid chromatography – thermospray mass spectrometry”, J. Chromatography B, 1994, 657, 214-218.
  6. Celma, “Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry of Some Derivates of 6-(2-chlorophenyl)-1-methyl-7,8,9,10-tetra hydro-4H-pyrido [4′,3′- 4,5] – Thieno [3,2-f][1,2,4,]triazolo [4,3-a][1,4] diazepines”. Biological Mass Spectrometry, 1994, 23, 13-19.
  7. Celma, J.A. Allué, J. Pruñonosa, C. Peraire, R. Obach, “Determination of N-Acetylcysteine in human plasma by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry”, J. Chromatography A, 2000, 870, 13-22.
  8. Celma, J.A. Allué, J. Pruñonosa, C. Peraire, R. Obach. “Simultaneous determination of paracetamol and chlorpheniramine in human plasma by liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry”. J. Chromatography A, 2000, 870, 77-86.
  9. Ventura, J. Solà, C. Celma, C. Peraire and R. Obach, “In Vitro Metabolism of Irosustat, A Novel Steroid Sulphatase Inhibitor: Inter-Species Comparison, Metabolite Identification and Metabolic Enzyme Identification”, Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 2011, 39, 1235-1246.
  10. Morte C, Celma C, De Geyter C, Urbancsek J, Coroleu Lletget B, Cometti B. Assessment of the immunogenicity of gonadotrophins during controlled ovarian stimulation. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2017 Sep;78(3).
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